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Our training programmes reach the hearts-and-minds of the whole business. We can co-create, co-deliver and co-inspire your in-house workshop.


In-house training still remains one of the most cost-effective means of developing employees and providing them with role-specific support. 

We provide both internal courses and open programmes from our range of coach-based programmes, whilst offering a wide range of other business development training, including: Values Discovery and Embedding, Management Skills (delegation, time management), Vision, Mission and Values, Team Dynamics as well as offering Facilitation support.

Curious Conversations
Starts 5th September - sorry you missed your spot.  Why not add your name to our list for next year. Call or email to save a place for next time.

Being and Doing of Leadership - 5 Day Challenge.... starting in October. Watch this space!


Being and Doing of Leadership

Being and Doing of Leadership
The starting place for any leader is to explore the Being of Leadership, who you are by clarifying personal aspirations, motivations and understanding your impact on others. The Doing of Leadership explores the ‘visible’ positions of leadership via experiential learning, transferable tools and reflective practices. Accessing both ‘invisible and visible knowledge’ of leadership is the foundation for becoming an agile and flexible leader.

This 5.5 day programme supports both Emerging and Diverging Leaders in your organisation to explore:
The Being of Leadership. These two days develops your awareness of your ‘invisible’ leadership strengths of who you fundamentally are, your Inner Leader, and what you intuitively know or sense in your working world, your Sensing Leader.

The Doing of Leadership. Your journey of becoming an Emerging or Diverging Leader looks at the ‘visible’ skills, attitudes and tools over 3.5 days of interactive, reflective and leadership development. You will learn to become a Leader from BehindLeader Beside and Leader in Front.   Your final half day will bringing it all together and celebrate your shared learning.

The workshops will be interactive, reflective and provide you learning into current personal, professional and leadership thinking.  Typical duration time is 6 months.

Deepening the learning experience of the Emerging or Diverging Leader, we can offer additonal embedded learnig via our live or virtual Coaching Circles.

Emerging Leaders next open programme will be Feb-June 2020:
Diverging Leaders next open programme will be Aug-Dec 2020.
Pilot offer: £1100 pp (Full price £1650)
Get in touch with kate [at] (subject: Emerging%20Leader) (Get in touch) to find out more or call us on 07906 704 769

Ask for our FREE Inner Leader workbook.

Curious Conversations


Curious Conversations

Our ‘why’:  We believe and have witnessed how coaching releases the best in others; developing their confidence, commitment and satisfaction at work. People become more productive and focused.  When engaged people work well together anything is possible – for the individual, team and organisation.

We 'believe': Coaching-based conversations are a skill that all managers should have in their tool kit but without the need to train to become a coach. We are not interested in traditional ‘class room’ skills training/management development, instead, what we are offering is experiential learning backed up with simple, well tested coaching and HR models – much more powerful and enduring.

The 'impact' it hasBeing curious is the foundation for any manager to have effective conversations with their direct reports, peers and leaders.  By opening up conversation's managers improve understanding, deepen trust and empathy as well as increase engagement with individuals and teams and have a positive impact on your company culture.

Our Curious Conversations offers a model for powerful, dynamic change-focused dialogues in 10 minutes.  For decades we’ve worked with managers to have more coach-like conversations and have realised that managers don’t need to be a coach, instead they need to learn to be more curious.  Our 3-day programme looks at the typical working interactions a manager and direct report has from performance review, monitoring and giving feedback, to motivational support.

Being Curious is at the heart of every conversation and our foundational tools will help support you as you move on to dealing with Challenging, Courageous and Championing Conversations.

Mentoring Muscles

Mentoring Muscles

Every workplace uses mentors in their own unique way whether informally by looking after new recruits, young people or recently seconded team members or more formally through a buddy system or even matched mentor programme.

This half day programme helps your organisation to strengthen your Mentoring Muscles by considering the clarity of the role, expected behaviour and the boundaries of mentoring, as well as fundamental mentoring skills.  A chance to reflect upon and refesh your current mentoring training at work.

(This can be extended to a one day programme to help put in place best practice mentoring skills)


"I found your session very helpful and being practical exercises they were really easy to get a feel for how delegates would interact if I was using them for my work. I found the perspective wheel very useful and I will use this again." Scottish Government

(ICIPS Perspective Coaching)

"Very interesting training, both Kate and Kate are very approachable".  East Lothian client

(Leadership Programme)

"The session was great thanks and people were enthused about it. I do like to share things with them that are different and get them thinking and your session certainly achieved that."  ICIPS

(Coaching for Diversity)

"The Coaching for Diversity training organised for my team felt very bespoke. Kate really listened when we discussed in advance of the session the specific role of my team, and how their day-to-day duties might relate to Coaching for Diversity. Feedback from staff who attended was extremely positive- they felt valued because the training was designed to fit their needs. Very positive feedback as well because they were given practical ‘tools’ to use after the session. Many training providers only offer theoretical models, so it was extremely valuable to have staff walk away with confidence in using new found skills in a practical setting after only a one day session- fantastic! Would thoroughly recommend!"
Victoria Buchanan, Programme Manager at Edinburgh College

(Coaching for Diversity)

"Very thought provoking and enjoyable.  Gets the grey-matter working."
TS Inverness

(Embedding Values)

“Me and Joanne since doing the course feel we communicate better with each other when exploring the ideas, we have for the nursery. We also feel able to help build up the confidence of our other team member.  We found the most helpful section the leading from beside as we both now work in the same room as each other and it helped us to better understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses and realise we have the same goals and reach them using different styles.” 
Alison Harbinson (CFN)

(Emerging Leaders)

"This training course has made me take a step back and look at how I lead my team.  I learned something new in each of the training sessions, and this led to me having a far greater awareness of supporting and developing people within my team.  As a result I am able to trust those around me more and effectively delegate work tasks.  The training has also made me look at my core values and improve my own self, and this has impacted on both my work and my personal life."

Nicola Carrigan Depute Housing Services Manager

(Emerging Leaders)

"By focusing and learning about the ‘invisible and visible knowledge’ of leadership together, we have learned that both are essential for creating the foundations of an agile and flexible leader.  Each day of the course covered a different aspect of leadership and I was able to take something away from each session."  Collette Anderson, Corporate Services Officer

(Emerging Leaders)